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Some Notes...
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Some Notes...

What does the future hold for music students?

I recently wrote a new piece for my wife's 5th grade band, Cape Crusader (check it out here). Well, it wasn't too long after that schools were closed, and all work moved to online learning for the remainder of the year. She never got to perform the piece with the students, however, I did enjoy hearing students play their individual parts for her remotely — it ended up being one of their assignments to record and send to her.

So now, the larger question is, what will happen to music instruction in schools as we move forward in this strange time of social distancing? When students and teachers return to school, what will music instruction look like? Only time will tell, but it surely will look quite different, at least at first. My fingers are crossed, hoping that large group music instruction doesn't take too much of a hit. It is such an essential part of how we learn about music. Making music with others is what it's all about.

Congratulations, 2020 Graduates


Cape Crusader

Just completed a new piece for beginning band, Cape Crusader. I wrote it for my adventurous soulmate, Diane Adams and the Wooster, Ohio 5th Grade Band. Check it out here.

Woo Tribute

As Homecoming season is approaching, I've been reminiscing about last year at this time. My last Homecoming before retiring from the Wooster City Schools was a special one. The fourth ever Alumni Band & Reunion was a huge part of the weekend. Seeing so many proud, musical alumni come back for the halftime performance was fantastic.

One of the highlights for me was the performance of an arrangement I put together for the occasion. It was a combination of original tunes and WHS staples, and it opened the show. Below is a clip of the performance (thanks, Andi Williams!).

This was one of the more impressive marching band moments that I can recall over all of my years of teaching… what a sound! Crank it up, and give it a listen.

If you're curious, here are all the melodies referenced in the arrangement. If you're an alumnus, let me know how many of these you were able to identify.

Woo 8 Fanfare
Carmen Ohio
French National Defile
Hang On Sloopy
Cheer #10 - Entrance of the Generals
Cheer #4 - W-O-O-S-T-E-R
Seven Nation Army
Superfly (cadence)
Cheer #7 - Woo Rah
W&L Swing
Across the Field
Woo III Fanfare
Jam (cadence)

Site Update

The web site went through a complete overhaul. Changes include a new layout, more audio samples, and more score samples. Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

Saying Goodbye

Marking my retirement, I recently performed my final concert with the Wooster High School Symphonic Band. Saying Goodbye was written for the group to show my respect for the students and program that I will miss greatly.