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Some Notes...
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Some Notes...

The Wooster High School Symphonic Band

I recently put together a list of audio files highlighting the Wooster High School Symphonic Band, Wooster, Ohio. These are recordings I collected of the band during my tenure there (1990-2019). Click below to visit a page that contains some of my fondest memories of these great musicians.



Calm Waters for young band

The quiet and stillness of an ocean, lake, or pond with its smooth, glassy surface is the inspiration for Calm Waters. Imagine yourself on the shore or in a sailboat as the you look out upon this peaceful setting.

Learn more about this latest piece for young band and maybe give it a listen here.


Gale Warning for full orchestra

Gale Warning is an intense piece for full orchestra. Set in phrygian mode, it reflects the dangers of a wind storm on the sea. Learn more about this new composition and give it a listen here.


Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey

Composed around 1775 by Scottish fiddler William Marshall, Miss Admiral Gordon’s Strathspey is a traditional strathspey dance tune. It was written in honor of Margaret Gordon, daughter and only surviving child of Admiral William Gordon. Named for the Strathspey region of Scotland, the strathspey dance is a popular form of country dance, usually in 4/4 time and slower than a reel or jig. It is characterized by the use of the “Scots Snap" rhythm — a sixteenth note followed by a dotted eighth note, or in reverse order.

Learn more about this arrangement and give it a listen here.


Swan Pond Soliloquy for Full Orchestra

Everyone needs a peaceful place to think and reflect. For me, that place can be found in the serenity of nearby Swan Pond. Learn about my latest for full orchestra, Swan Pond Soliloquy here.


Quirky Little Tune for Beginning Band

Latest from me is a quirky little tune for beginning band, Clink Clank Clunk. It celebrates the many sounds and textures of the wind band, particularly some creative onomatopoeia explored by the percussion section. Check it out and give it a listen here.

clinkclankclunk - 1